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Professor John's Priorities for Del Rey Oaks

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"I will fight for resources to keep our neighborhoods safe for our seniors, families, and pets."




I will fight for public safety and keep our streets safe for all of us and our beloved pets. I acknowledge that the public's health, safety, and general welfare are the duty of our local government and that this responsibility can only be fulfilled by purposeful action. The government must, among other things, recognize the dangers and weaknesses facing the public, develop policies to protect the public, exercise oversight to ensure laws and standards are followed and make decisions in the open to ensure accountability for outcomes. I will make sure that crossing Canyon del Rey Blvd and our other neighborhood streets is safe as possible. We find ways how to be safe in walking our pets and making our exercise runs in our community.



I will act to address the water shortage that results in high water bills. I understand that water costs are a real issue for many Del Rey Oaks residents. However, I believe that our community must work on cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to our long-term water needs in the Peninsula. Therefore, I support innovative and environmentally sustainable water supply solutions that would provide a drought-proof water supply in Del Rey Oaks in the long term.



I believe that housing is a human right. Therefore, every individual and family here at Del Rey Oaks has the right to a decent, safe, stable, affordable home. Housing is central to our ability to live a good life, get a good education, and get a good job. Thus, I am taking action to help reverse the growing trend of homelessness and protect private property rights. Addressing the water supply issue is also one of the many initiatives to achieve affordable housing here in the Peninsula. Another feasible way is to increase access to affordable housing for a range of incomes and incentivize the creation of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by leveraging California’s ADU grant policies.




Economic growth is vital for Del Rey Oaks to be able to provide continuously improving services, a safe environment, and strong property valuations for our residents. We must create incentives for businesses and other sustainable and resilient city revenue sources to keep Del Rey Oaks thriving. Financial success and higher property valuations mean less stress and a better quality of life for Del Rey Oaks residents. In addition, successful businesses registering in our community mean more tax revenue for our city and a bigger budget to implement ambitious initiatives. I believe that the economic development of Del Rey Oaks involves close collaboration with the Del Rey Oaks community members, the local private sector on development strategies, other municipalities in the Monterey Peninsula, and non-governmental organizations.



I advocate for open spaces, parks, and picnic areas, and equal access for all. I believe our parks, whether in the present or the future, should be a sanctuary with lots of nature that should be protected and conserved. They should feature many walking paths we can meander along, and we should never feel unsafe in our parks. I care for our parks here at Del Rey Oaks so profoundly. I consider our Frog Pond Wetland Preserve a natural gem. We must protect it and take good care of it for our future generations. We recognize that this natural treasure was not given by our ancestors, but we borrowed it from our children. We undertake to cherish and preserve it, not because we are duty-bound, but because we love our Del Rey Oaks and our future generations.



I will bolster resilience in Del Rey Oaks by implementing preparedness initiatives to be more ready for future threats. While the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, the worst of it appears to be behind us. We need to make investments now in pandemic and natural disaster preparedness to be better prepared for the next threat when it emerges. We can learn from the shortcomings of the COVID-19 response and build on the apparent successes. I believe that our local government can provide pragmatic recommendations right now to help our community become more resilient to pandemic, health, biological, or natural disaster threats in the future.


At Del Rey Oaks, I am committed to creating a community where our members feel welcomed, valued, and respected. I believe that we are all responsible for creating a diverse and inclusive community where everyone is considered worthy of equal rights and moral reciprocity. We strive to acknowledge, appreciate, and embrace not only the exterior diversity of race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation but also the internal diversity of beliefs, values, truth claims, and viewpoints.



I recognize that environmental justice and economic prosperity must go hand-in-hand in our approach to combating the global climate emergency that we are in right now. To avert a worldwide climate crisis, we at the local level can do something. How we live and work together in our city can significantly impact tackling climate change. For example, we support energy-efficient buildings, low carbon public transport, and encouraging cycling and walking to cutting CO2 emissions.



I respect and appreciate our veterans and service members who have given so much for our country in defense of our freedoms. I honor them not only by words but by actions. For example, I will hold donation campaigns, send a message of gratitude to service members, choose brands that support veteran causes, connect veterans with higher education, and refer our veterans to available resources and agencies that could help them further. I also welcome everyone who supports our veterans in our community.




Del Rey Oaks is a small city, and like a family, we treasure our residents. We work together as a community connected by our set of shared goals. Our culture is that neighbors should know each other, not be strangers; that community events are a fun time for social connectedness; and that we help each other in times of need. Our individual identities and diverse experiences are fluid, and these should be celebrated. I support, develop, and implement cultural policies that are grassroots-oriented and are directed towards engaged civic action in our local matters.

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