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A picture of John Uy


I am an immigrant and a proud American who loves Del Rey Oaks and the shared community values it represents. Like many immigrants, I am very grateful for what America has done for my family and me. America has welcomed us with open arms and provided us with many opportunities to thrive and succeed. With these opportunities and through hard work and persistence, we are achieving the American Dream. I want to serve in the DRO City Council to give back to the country that has given so much to my family, and I want to make our beloved Del Rey Oaks a better place to live, work, and visit for all of us.

Just like you, I wish to live in a simple, comfortable, beautiful, safe, and environmentally sustainable community where everybody coexists and thrives, where everybody can own their own homes, own a car, and have a loving family and a set of friends to rely on. I dream of a close-knit community where neighbors know each other, where we can hold fun community events for social connectedness, and help each other in times of need. I see our diversity as an asset. We can create a community where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected. Like a family, everybody is treasured and celebrated. Nobody is left behind.


During my years in Del Rey Oaks, I have seen significant social progress and numerous improvements – a healthy city fiscal reserve, improved responsiveness to community needs, viable sustainability initiatives, noble protection of the frog pond, caring citizens helping each other, remarkable enhancement of the lives of our veterans, and a strong police department keeping us all safe.


Despite these advances, our community faces challenges. We must act to address the water shortage that results in high water bills. This causes economic inequality due to the lack of access to affordable housing. I will continue standing up for the needs of our city’s most vulnerable, balancing economic development with better services and sustainable programs that encourage our residents to remain and new residents to want to live in Del Rey Oaks and achieve a better quality of life.


As a Harvard-educated professional with solid background and experience in policymaking, I am dedicated to community-driven processes and measured, analytic thinking for finding solutions to our challenges. This philosophy of meaningful community engagement will constantly guide my council work. In solidarity, Del Rey Oaks will persist and thrive!

John Uy at Work
Giving a hand at the fun Del Rey Park re-opening event



Master of Liberal Arts
Harvard University

At Harvard University, I was able to explore the artistic and technical aspects of creating interactive systems. I was also able to gain a deep understanding of the practical frameworks for solving technology problems. The university's goal was to educate citizen-leaders for our society through its commitment to the transformative power of a liberal arts and sciences education. The education I got from Harvard University gave me the necessary competencies to lead in complex environments with extraordinary thought, heart, and skills. I graduated with the Dean's List Academic Achievement Award.


Master of Education
Cebu Technological University

At the Cebu Technological University, I gained insights into the theoretical and practical backgrounds that drive the teaching profession, learned how knowledge of education theory positively impacts our teaching practices, and gained the benefits of seeing our learners excel in the classroom. My degree’s focus is on an area of education that I’m passionate about – Special Education. When I first came to the United States, I was a certified Special Education teacher in an Arizona public school. This master's degree in education helped me become more expert in the science of teaching and the business of making a difference. I graduated with honors and garnered an overall GPA of 4.0.


Master of Business Administration
University of San Carlos

At the University of San Carlos, I took MBA courses that provided me with a body of knowledge that is very important for my professional and personal life, which is understanding how businesses function. By understanding and being able to foresee how changes in the economy, markets, or individuals are likely to affect an organization, I am better able to make sound recommendations for positive change. I am a leader who can anticipate potential future changes, create a path for my organization to make the most of opportunities, and motivate my team to learn and adapt continuously.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
University of San Carlos

At the University of San Carlos, I completed my bachelor's degree in electronics and communications engineering, graduating at the top of my class. In engineering, I gained the knowledge and skills to identify complex problems, create processes to solve them, and apply my plans to make them happen. In addition, I learned how to set realistic goals, work productively with a team, test my theories, adjust as necessary, communicate my discoveries, and much more. I was a consistent Dean’s Lister at the College of Engineering and graduated Cum Laude.

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